We're looking for partners who...

  • share our values of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • believe all kids deserve equal access to education 
  • commit to eliminating wasted lives of the disenfranchised
  • understand the power of self-esteem and confidence building
  • want to make a difference in the life of a child
  • share our passion for positive change

If this fits your goal of contributing to a better world,  we invite you to join us in our mission of  promoting  healthy, happy and productive futures for kids suffering financial insecurity.

Questions or next steps,  contact John  Lilly 416-209-1691 or  info@kidscancharity.com

Kidscan charity welcomes both Single Event Sponsors and/or Kidscan Partner Relationships.  

Imagine what we can accomplish together


Huge thanks to our Corporate Contributors who get it. When business gives, communities thrive. Please visit their sites and keep then in mind when shopping.  They deserve our support. 











Kidscan Academy is a charitable organization incorporated  under the Canada NFP Corporations Act June 30 2016 with the purpose of helping at-risk youth avoid destructive life influences.  Registration number 75440 0729 RR0001.

Contact us:  info@kidscancharity.com